Say hi to our Mentorship Programs Interns. They are here to greet you, help your dancers get their shoes on and lined up for class, and also can help you get the information you need.

You will see our Mentorship Programs Demonstrators and Assistants in the classrooms. These students are working to help your dancers learn and grow by providing a fun and safe environment. They prepare the classrooms, help get your dancers to the bathroom if needed and also change their shoes. 

Part of our mission at Dance FX is to teach life applicable lessons through dance. Our mentorship program offers a great learning experience for dancers to learn those skills while doing what they love to do. This program starts with an application and formal interview which results in a job offer, training, and placement in a regular work schedule. Students within the program learn leadership, responsibility, and the importance of community. 

Mentorship Program

624 N. Blackhawk Blvd.

Rockton, IL 61072